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02. Jun 2020

Workshop Series – Reproducible Science using R
Working with Projects in RStudio

Thursday 11th June 2020 (14:00 to 15:30 CEST)

A link to the online Zoom meeting room will be provided shortly before start on https://aminor-fram.slack.com

What is it about? Projects in RStudio are a simple and effective way to organize a workflow
around any type of project involving analyses, article writing, etc. It makes the workflow much
tidier and it is a first step towards better shareability and reproducibility of your research.

Projects are very easy to setup and a great help to “future you” : you will be able to reproduce the
workflow anytime you need. A typical “should-have-started-using-this-earlier” type of workshop!

Moderators – Arnaud Tarroux (NINA), Marina Espinasse (IMR) & Eeva Soininen (UiT)

Outcomes – During this short hands-on workshop, the participants will learn:
• Why reproducibility in science matters
• Why using Projects in R/Rstudio can save a lot of time and prevent solid headaches
• How to create Projects in R/RStudio
• How to work with Projects in R/RStudio

Target audience – Anyone not yet working with Projects when using R/Rstudio. Basic knowledge of
R/RStudio is not absolutely necessary but will help a lot, as we will not cover the basics in detail.

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